RBPISS Satsanga’s Amazing Grace

Born 20th June 2007 / measured with official wicket at SHCG 19th April 2008: 21 1/2 inches / 54.7 cm at withers

SAVA eyes cleared Cert. No. A1780

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Gracy’s show career

Gracie will be out of the ring for the next couple of shows to grow new coat! We just gotta wait for that last point a bit longer!

27th March 2011: The last point seems always the hardest, getting again Reserve Winners Bitch under Australian judge John Forbes at the Wits Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show at Goldfields against BIS/top winning competition.

26th March 2011: Just narrowly missed the last point for her Championship getting Reserve Winners Bitch under USA judge Stan Ziliensky at the Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club all Breed Championship Show at Goldfields.

15th May 2010: Yep, Gracy definitely still got it! Winners Bitch under judge Denise Edmondson at the NorthernTswane All Breeds Championship Show at Voortrekker Hogte Pretoria. Brilliant Gracie, one more point and you're a Champion!

17th April 2010: After a long break due to me being on 'maternity leave', Gracie makes her debut as Reserve Winners bitch as well as Best Brace in show together with her brother Phil; Gracie your wheels stayed on at the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng's Open Specialty (National) under judge Anita Bodenstein.

23rd August 2008: After a short break to grow some coat, Gracy had her debut in the big girls class and trumped it with another CC under judge Mr. Helmuth Redtenbacher, South Africa at the Goldfields All Breed Championship show at Goldfields, Johannesburg. Gracy, you're past the halfway mark at only 14 months old, only two more points to go!

11th May 2008: Gracy gets Winners bitch at the Egoli Northern Breeds, Spitz and Primitive Breeds Qualifying Show under judge Mr. N. Trainor (New Zealand). Go Gracy go!

27th April 2008: Gracy gets her first major at the tender age of 10 months! A two pointer CC (winners bitch, major) from the 9-12 mts. puppy class, AMAZING GRACE! Judge Mrs. Iris Glyn (Australia) loved the litterbrothers too, giving Quest the 2 pointer dog CC and his brother the dog RCC! She was narrowly defeated for the breed puppy by her brother Quest who went on to win Reserve Best of Breed, the working puppy group as well as Best Puppy in show 4th place.

26th April 2008: Gracy wins Reserve Winners bitch under judge Mr. Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines) from the 9-12 mts. puppy classes. Well done my girl!

19th April 2008: Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Winners bitch as well as Best Brace in show together with her brother; Gracie you were amazing at the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng's Open Specialty (National) under judge Wayne Streak.

On her first Championship week-end Gracy takes the Breed puppy under judge Robyn Williams (New Zealand), a Puppy Working Group 1st under judge Richard Dempsey (South Africa) and a Best Puppy in Show 3rd place under judge Mel Bungey (Australia) at the Roodepoort Kennel Club Dogfest Championship Show at Goldfields on March 23rd, 2008. Well done my girl, you are living up to your name!

Gracy’s first show Dec.07 – Western Gauteng Kennel Club – breed puppy & Puppy Working Group 3

Dec. 07 – Junior Kennel Club – all breeds show – breed puppy & Puppy Group 3

Qualifier for Best of the Best 2008

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15th May 2010: Gracie taking Winners Bitch at Northern Tswane All Breed Championship Show at not quite 3 years old.

Gracie getting Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Brace together with her brother Phil at the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng's Open Specialty (National) under judge Anita Bodenstein on April 17, 2010..

left: Gracy 9 1/2 months / right: RBPISS at SHCG speciality (national) April 08 / 10 months

Gracy at 5 1/2 months


Gracy at 5 weeks                                   Deena on the left, Gracy on the right

Gracy at 5 months