Chukchis Free Maui of Satsanga


When my husband and I went out to buy a companion for Sukie for our new place, I fell in love with a black & white blue eyed bitch, which I later called Chiquita. Stephan though fell in love with this sturdy little puppy with a much bigger muzzle and head than the rest of them. So this became Stephan's first show-dog.

At his first show, Maui cleaned up! Maui, shown by Stephan won Best of breed, Best Siberian Puppy, Best working group puppy and a 2 nd place in the adult working group. That was over ten years ago at the Western Transvaal Open Show. Since then, Stephan showed him for a few months but the two of them prefer the trail. He ran lead on our team and tought the youngsters what running is all about. 

A few months short of 14 years, we had to let him cross the rainbow bridge. His rear legs could not put up with the cold of winter.

Rest in peace my sweetie. I am sure you'll carry your silver harness with pride!