Due to major personal shifts, Satsanga Siberians are currently on a sabbatical and will return to the show ring in 2014.

  15th May 2010: Yep, Gracy definitely still got it! Winners Bitch under judge Denise Edmondson at the NorthernTswane All Breeds Championship Show at Voortrekker Hogte Pretoria against very stiff competition. Brilliant Gracie, one more point and you're a Champion!
  30th April 2010: At the Wilmington Kennel Club All Breeds show on April 30, Lucky clocked up some more points towards his Championship under Dr. Elliot L. More by going Winners dog. Am waiting to hear whether it was majors.
  Mid April: Lucky got 3 more points 3rd week in April am awaiting details.
  April 17, 2010: After a long break due to me being on 'maternity leave', Gracie makes her debut as Reserve Winners bitch as well as Best Brace in show together with her brother Phil; Gracie your wheels stayed on at the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng's Open Specialty (National) under judge Anita Bodenstein.
  April 11, 2010: At the Piedmont Kennel Club Championship Show on April 11, 2010 , Lucky got his 7th point under judge Cathleen Rubens by going Winners Dog and Best of Winners.
  March 2010: At the Delaware County Kennel Club Championship Show on March 2010,, Lucky got his first Major (3pts) under breeder judge Earl Karas by going Winners Dog with an entry of 38 dogs .
  26th Jan. 2010:
Rene, a sweet 16 months old, showed her brother how to clock up points. Only the third time in the showring and already her second set of points. Rene trumped at the Rubber City Kennel Club under Judge: Fay Dorval Haupt by going WB and BOW.
  18th Jan. 2010: Leo's first appearance in 2010 just showed me that he is maturing into a beautiful adult and got what it takes: Under judge Mrs. Fischer, Leo got Best Junior of Breed, Reserve Best of Breed and a Junior Working Group 2 at the Working and Herding Show at Goldfields on January 17, 2010.
  November 22, 2009: Deena made it! She got her last major (3 pt) under Judge Catherine Bell by going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Upper Marlboro Kennel Club on
November 22, 2009. Well done to Shira and Mark, we're so proud of you, all the way owner handled!!!
  22nd August 2009: With Nikki having caught up weight wise and doing so well, I felt fit again to make an appearance in the showring and to enter Leo in his first and last week-end of puppy classes at an All Breed Championship show. Leo did me so proud! After a long break from the showring (enjoying maternity leave to spend time with my precious baby boy Nicolas) Leo had not forgotten how to strutt his stuff and was awarded the Breed Puppy and a working puppy group 2 as well as the Reserve winners dog at the Goldfields KC all breed Championship show by judge Martin Croeser RSA.
  22nd March 2009:

Nikki could come home surprisingly early. He exceeded everybody's expectations by doing so well. We're of course over the moon to have him home now. Many thanks to all who kept Nikki and me in your prayers. Through this whole ordeal we were blessed, kept safe and protected. Apart from being 10 weeks preemie, just everything that could go alright with Nikki did! We are so grateful. Special thanks to my hubby Stephan who kept the household going, the dogs fed and safe, came to visit us every day during the week that I was on bedrest and after and just showed incredible strenght and support.

  2nd March 2009: The stork surprised us with a beautiful healthy baby boy called Nicolas Michael. Nikki was born at only 30 weeks 10 weeks premature, with a fly weight of 1.39 kg and 39 cm long. Luckily Sunninghill hospital's preemie ICU is taking great care of him, while we all recover from the shock and visit him as often as possible.
  15th February 2009: Leo trumphed again! Judge Mrs. Glenda De Taranto, RSA gave him Reserve Best of Breed and a Mini-grand (all RBOB competing) Working Group 1 at the SA Ladies KC All Breeds Valentines show.
  8th February 2009: Leo is shining again! Judge Mr. JC Pieterse RSA gave him the Breed Puppy and a working puppy group 4 at the Eastern District KC.
  11th January 2009: Leo gets his first outing ever (apart from the Vet visit) and starts his show career with a bang! Judge Mrs. Anita Bodenstein RSA gave him the Breed Puppy and BOB, a working puppy group 1 and a working adult group 2nd place: "He is so together and the temperament is outstanding". Later in the day judge Michele Colborne gave him Best Puppy in show 4th place at the Roodepoort Kennel Club show held at Goldfields.
  07th December 2008: Deena gets her first major at the Forsyth K.C. under
Judge Mr. Pete Dawkins. Just one bitch short of a 4 pointer, Deena still got a 3 point major towards her AKC Championship. Well done Mark for handling Deena to her first major.
  28th September 2008: Deena goes winners bitch for 2 points at the Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia under Judge: Eric Ringle. Well done Deena, you're on 7 points with limited showing. We're so proud of you. Well done to Mark as well who handled Deena on both days!
  27th September 2008: Deena added another point to her list by going winners bitch under Judge: Douglas Holloway, Jr.
  21st September 2008: At the Valley Forge Kennel Club Championship Show on September 21, 2008, Lucky got his first point under Breed Judge: Catherine Cooper and backed this up by going Best Opposite Sex as well. Thank you Shira & Mark for the great care and love you give to Lucky. Just the day before his first points towards his US Championship, he took a Best In Match, go Lucky go!
  23rd August 2008: After a short break to grow some coat, Gracy had her debut in the big girls class and trumped it with another CC under judge Mr. Helmuth Redtenbacher, South Africa at the Goldfields All Breed Championship show at Goldfields, Johannesburg. Gracy, you're past the halfway mark at only 14 months old, only two more points to go!
  June 22, 2008: Siberian Husky club of Gauteng Championship show (SA National), judge Mrs. Nicky Robertson (Safr.): Tigger takes the brood bitch award with progeny Phil and Quest. Quest takes a 2nd place in the SA bred males, Phil takes a 3rd place in the Junior class and Tiggy takes 2nd place in the Champion bitch class. Tiggy, you're a gem to give me such beautiful babies!
  June 21, 2008: Working and Herding BA Championship Show, judge Mrs. Pam Paget (Safr.): Quest's first show in the big boys. He takes a 2nd place in a competitive Open males class. Phil takes a 2nd place in the Junior males. Well done boys, we're getting there!
  June 8, 2008: Junior Kennel club Show, Phil takes Best of Breed a Working Group 2nd place, Breed Puppy and Puppy Working Group 1 under Mrs. Glenda De Taranto (Safr.).
  May 11, 2008: Egoli Northern Breeds, Spitz and Primitive Breeds Qualifying show, Johannesburg, Judge Mr. N. Trainor (New Zealand): Tiggy won RBOB, Gracy got WB and Phil got RWD and another Best Puppy In Show! Way to go guys, I am so proud of you! The compliments from the judge and ringside were balm for my ears. Philli, Gracy, Tiggy, what a blessing you are! Special thanks to LeAnza, who kindly stepped in and handled Gracy for the Line ups of Best Breed Puppy and Best of Breed as well as Cindy who helped out handling Phil for the Reserve Best of breed lineup.
  May 9, 2008: Chester Valley Kennel Club Deena made her debut in the big girls class (first time shown in the Open class) by going Winners Bitch and Best Opposite sex, garnering a further point towards her US Championship under judge Mr. Richard Jeffrey. Well done Deena and Shira!
  May 3, 2008: Questi, my beautiful boy, you cracked it! BPIS at the Highway Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show in Pinetown, Ashley Sportsground. Judges were: Breed, Mr. Brian Blades (SAfr), Working Group, Mr. D. Cavill (UK) and Best in Show Puppy, Mrs. E. Bothwell (UK). To top it up Questi also won Reserve Winners Dog. Well done to Junior handler Wesley Beckman who took you to these heights and congrats to Wesley on winning Best Junior handler in show, again.
  May 1, 2008:

and just when you think....

At the TKC All Breeds show at Goldfields, Phil got his first Best in Show Puppy today under judge Dr. Heidi Rolfes and to put the Cherry on Top, he also won his first Best in Show under judge Mrs. Yvonne Meintjes at just 10 months of age! Philli, you Beauty, you are priceless! You won everything there is to win today at any given show, I am so proud of you! We're holding thumbs for his sisters and brothers in the rings in the US and in Durban this week-end!

  April 27, 2008:

Just when you think it can't get any better...IT DOES!

Pretoria KC Championship All Breed Show at Goldfields, Johannesburg: The brothers Quest and Phil get Winners dog (major) and Reserve Winners dog, sister Gracy goes Winners bitch (major) and all of that from the 9-12 puppy classes! Quest narrowly defeats his sister Gracy for the Breed puppy and trumps this by going Reserve Best of Breed over multiple group and BIS/BISS winning specials. He goes on to win a Puppy Working Group and all of these wonderful wins under judge Mrs. Iris Glyn (Australia). Quest tops this off by getting Best puppy in show fourth place under Canadian judge Mr. Don Emslie. This was a week-end straight from heaven and I officially reached cloud 9. Thank you to all for support and compliments, a special thanks to Wesley Beckman, Junior Handler who expertly took Quest from the class to the Best Puppy in show ring.


  April 26, 2008:

Eastern Districts KC All Breed Championship Show, judge Mr. Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines):

Phil goes Reserve Best Puppy in Show winning the most beautiful framed Rosette. His litter brother Quest stood second in the class behind him. The litter sister Gracy gets Reserve Winners bitch and mom Tiggy gets Reserve Best of Breed. I was seriously out of breath; thank you to everybody who helped me when I needed more hands, especially Rossana and also Lois for taking Gracy in for the breed puppy and handling Quest, as well as all the support and compliments from ringside. What a day!

  April 19, 2008:

Siberian Husky Open Speciality (National): Judge Mr. Wayne Streak

Gracie: from 9 - 12 months class: Reserve Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Winners bitch and together with her brother Best Brace in Show

Phil: together with his sister Gracie, Best Brace in Show

Tigger: 2nd in the Champion bitch class and Best Brood Bitch together with her two progeny Gracie and Phil. Thank you to Rossana and Le-anza for your assistance with the handling and well done for Nathan's RBISS! You're always great competition!

Highlight of the day for me: The applause and compliments from ringside, steward and judge when I took Gracie and Phil around the ring in the Best Brace competition. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was priceless!

To the Siberian Husky of Gauteng committe:

Well done guys and girls, we had a marvelous day, great organization and as usual, a must in the show calendar!

April 4, 2008: Fredericksburg Kennel Club, April 4, 2007: Deena wins her first two points by going Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Larry Makai. Go girls go!
March 30, 2008: Her first week-end as a special, Tigger takes Reserve Best of Breed at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club Championship Show under Australian judge Mr. Doug Ford.
March 29, 2008: On his first Championship week-end Leader joins his siblings in the winner circle and takes Reserve Winners dog to a major under judge Mr. G. Treacey (Australia) at the TVL Midlands KC Championship Show in Kempton Park from the 9 - 12 puppy class.
  March 23, 2008: On her first Championship week-end Gracy takes the Breed puppy under judge Robyn Williams (New Zealand), a Puppy Working Group 1st under judge Richard Dempsey (South Africa) and a 3rd Best Puppy in Show under judge Mel Bungey (Australia) at the Roodepoort Kennel Club Dogfest Championship Show at Goldfields from the 9-12 puppy class.
  March 23,2008: Although Phil got beaten for the breed puppy by his sister Gracy, he takes Reserve Winners dog under judge Robyn Williams, (NZ) at the Roodepoort Dogfest Championship show at Goldfields on his first Championship show week-end from the 9-12 puppy class.
  March 2, 2008:
Chesapeake Siberian Husky Club, Specialty show: Deena goes Best of Opposite Sex to Best Puppy in Sweepstakes under Judge Brenda Reeves.
  March 2, 2008: Phil (Satsanga's Alchemist) makes his debut in the winning circle at the Goldfields KC show by taking the breed puppy and a Puppy Working Group Two under judge Joe Field.

February 10, 2008:

Tiggy takes BOB and a Working Group 4 at the Easter Districts KC show at Goldfields.

February 3, 2008:

Deena (Satsanga's Simply Divine at Snocrest) our US ambassador wins her first ribbons as Reserve Winners bitch from the 6 - 9 puppy class at the Boardwalk KC, Wildwood, NJ under Judge: Mrs. Lynette Blue.

January 17, 2008:

Quest wins the puppy working group at the Puppy and Veteran show in Durban.

December 2007:

Gracy wins the breed puppy and a puppy working group 3 at the Junior KC Gauteng all breeds show under judge Kim Keller and with this qualifies for the Best of the Best competition in Gauteng.

December 2007:

Satsanga’s Amazing Grace aka ‘Gracy’ wins the breed puppy and a puppy group 3 at the Western Gauteng KC all breeds show under breeder judge Mark Anderson.

November 2007:

Quest wins the breed puppy at the prestigious World of Dogs and Cats competition in Durban.

November 2007:

Quest qualified for Best of the Best in Natal.

October 2007 :

Quest wins the breed puppy and a group two at the all breeds show in Durban.

October 2007 :

Satsanga’s Divine Quest wins BPIS at the working and herding show In Durban. Well done to Liezl and Andre for setting the pace!

2 June 2007 :  

Zausel's Let It Be , aka 'Whisper', won the breed puppy and puppy group 3 at the KUSA Championship Show under Mr Ramon Podesta ( Chile).  Well done Whisper you gorgeous girl.


29 April 2007 :  

Koobear Tiger Lilly of Satsanga attained her 5 th championship point under Mr R. Gregory ( England), and is now a KUSA Champion*. Well done Tiggy.  All points owner handled.





Thank you to my hubby for surprising me with a 4-legged Christmas box!
Welcome to Zausel’s let it Be of Satsanga   aka  ‘Whisper’.


* pending KUSA approval