Kamchatka Sher Khan of Satsanga
(HDOO) 1997 - 2007

This was to be my first "real" show-dog. Everything was promising. He looked outstanding as a puppy, got through all of his Vet-checks at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, it was all set. Then disaster struck. Due to unforseeable circumstances our beautiful dream-dog could never be shown after that.

Orion  ran at the SA Champs in Belfast (July 2006) into silver position in the 2 dog purebreed bikejoering class with Tuscany. This was his last official performance on the trail. He taught the pups to feel comfortable in harness on short 1 km's trails as he was entering the autumn years of his live (born in 1997).   Maui and Orion returned to being big pals. Orion was such a gentleman, he became Tiggers companion till she was ready to play with the "big guns". He was the ideal babysitter for our puppies. He has endured Beamers antics  and showed the naughty German how to behave in a South African pack. Our pups have at least 2 - 3 hours of socializing as a pack under  supervision every day, but while they were not yet 5 months, I could count on Orion to keep them safe when I went out. 

Struggling with a devastating cancer, we had to let our sweet Orion pass over the rainbow bridge in April 2007. When a dog's eyes tell you it's time, there are no more excuses, you have to let them go. Sweet Orion, we still see your sparkle in a clear night sky!