BIS, MBPIS Satsanga’s Alchemist

Born 20th June 2007, measured at SHCG 19th April 2008: 22 1/4 inches / 56.5 cm at withers

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Phil ’s show career

27th March 2011: Yep, Phil definitely still got it! Winners Dog, Best of Breed and a Working Group 1 under Australian judge John Forbes at the Wits Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show at Goldfields against very stiff competition. Brilliant come back Phil!

20th March 2010: After a long break to mature, Phil had his come back to the showring. Just narrowly defeated by his half brother Mika, Phil got RCC to a Major under judge Heidi Rolfes, RSA. Well done my boy, we're getting back into swing!

8th June 2008: At the JKC Show Phil took Best of Breed and Breed Puppy, a Puppy Working group 1 and an adult working group 2nd place under judge Mrs. Glenda De Taranto (Safr.).

11th May 2008: At the Egoli northern breeds, Spitz and Primitive Breeds Qualifying Show, Phil won RWD and his second BPIS under judge Mr. N. Trainor (New Zealand)! Phil, what a boy, you get better with every outing!

1st May 2008: Phil got his first BEST PUPPY IN SHOW as well as his first BEST IN SHOW under judge Dr. Heidi Rolfes and Mrs. Yvonne Meintjes at the TKC All Breeds show at Goldfields, Johannesburg at just 10 months of age. True to your name, you turned water into Gold today! Following the footsteps of your beautiful sire BIS, BISS Ch Kamchatka Icon King indeed!

27th April 2008: Philli, just got narrowly defeated by his brother but still got RCC dog from the 9-12 mts. puppy class under judge Mrs. Iris Glyn Australia at the Pretoria KC Championship All Breeds Show. What a price-less week-end. Sister and brother getting the winners bitch and dog (both majors!) and brother going Reserve Best of Breed, PG1 and Best puppy in Show 4th place!

26th April 2008: Phil won Reserve Best Puppy in show at the Eastern Districts KC Championship All Breeds show at Goldfields, Johannesburg under judge Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines). My beautiful boy, what a treasured win! With the sister getting Reserve Winners bitch and the dam getting Reserve Best of Breed, this was truly a blessed day!

Phil got Best Brace in show with his sister Gracie on April 19, 2008 at the Siberian Husky Club Open Specialty (National) under judge Wayne Streak (RSA). Well done my boy! The applause from ringside was priceless.

Phil got Reserve Winner's dog on March 23, 2008 at the Roodepoort KC Championship show under judge Robyn Williams, New Zealand. Well done for your first Championship show week-end my boy!

Phil had his show debut in the winners circle on March 2, 2008 at the Goldfields KC show. He got the breed puppy & Puppy Working Group 2 under judge Joe Field.

Qualifier for Best of the Best 2008


Picture Album


August 2008, Headstudy at 14 months

Phil as a Junior, August 2008



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