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  Tuscany found a loving home. However there are on occasion adult Siberians available for adoption. Carry on reading on Tuscany's page if you are interested in adopting an adult Siberian Husky. If I don't have one, I can always point you in the right direction of other reputable breeders who might have an adult for adoption.



Tuscany was born on A Valentines day and a real Valentine she is. 

We are currently looking for a loving retirement home where she will be given lots of love and attention.

Tuscany's strong points:

Apart from stunning looks, she is adorable with children and a very gentle dog that is fully house trained, walks nicely on leash and has of course outgrown most of the bad habits of Siberians like digging crater sized holes or chewing plants and furniture. She needs a securely walled yard with enough shade to be able to keep out of the midday sun, quality food, fresh drinking water at all times, loves chewing on cowhooves and other doggie treats. She loves to spend time inside and relax infront of the TV, preferably with some loving cuddling of her new owners to be. Although Tuscany is not a guard dog, she will definitely alert you of any intruders, especially since the traumatic incident.

She is fully trained to run co-lead in bikejoering classes, in case you have a confident male and are looking for a fast, trained athlethe to complement your team for bikejoering or scooter classes.

Tuscany does not like:

Fireworks, cats, livestock, other bitches or dogs of any of the Terrier breeds. She will be quite happy with another male of one of the non aggressive breeds. Tuscany is a very gentle character and if she does something you do not tolerate, a stern voice is enough to correct her.

No No's with Siberians:

Open gates (Siberians need to be properly confined or they will run away), off leash excercise outside the gate (Siberians need to be walked on leash as they have been bred to mush = eg. run away from people who are usually behind them on a sled).

Please don't phone me if you are looking for a purebreed, KUSA registered, blue eyed Siberian bitch to breed with. Tuscany is looking for a retirement home, hence she will be spayed before you collect her.

Adoption costs: R 750.- (This will cover the spay and ensure that your new family members' frontline tick treatment, deworming and vaccinations are up-to-date).

Her show career: 
-   Reserve Best Puppy in show at the Pretoria Siberian Husky Club speciality
-   Transvaal Kennel Club: Best puppy of breed and a group 2 at TKC’s all breed show
-   Kimberly All Breed Championship show, Tuscany wins at the tender age of 6 
     months: Best Puppy of Breed, a second place in the puppy group and 
     Reserve Best of Breed over multiple group winning and BIS winning Specials. 

Mushing experience:
Tuscany was also using her talents on the trail and ran swing and/or co-lead in our team, winning silver and bronze at the SA Sledding Champs in Belfast in the 2 dog bikejoering class with Orion, see sledding page.

Advantages of adopting a KUSA registered adult Siberian Husky from Satsanga Kennels:

They are house-trained, leash trained, don't dig anymore, leave your garden and furniture alone and are well socialized with young children. These are all points that require serious committment and training to get right with a little puppy.

If you are interested in adopting TUSCANY, please use the contact us button, send me an e-mail with your contact details and tell me a little about your circumstances and why you would be the ideal retirement home for TUSCANY.


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Tuscany with the judge and Rosettes from her RBISS from the Pretoria Siberian Husky Club Open Specialty