Satsanga Siberians was established in 1996 by Carmen Tina Schnider, a Swiss who immigrated to South Africa in July 1993. After a skiing trip in Switzerland having a Cappuccino on the terrace of the Eigerbahn Restaurant in Grindelwald, she experienced the magical stare from a black & white bi-eyed Siberian Husky and has been passionate about this breed ever since.

Since Sukie, her first pet in 1993, her goals have changed. She has definitely learned about the dangers of owning this breed and about the responsibility that goes with it. Although her Siberians are first and foremost pets and family members, exhibiting her dogs at conformation shows and sledding with a team have opened new dimensions in owning this wonderful breed. Sledding became more attractive when she met her now ex-husband, Stephan, who enthusiastically got involved with sledding and at first showing.

Her dogs live in a pack and have ample space to rom and run. Their favorite past-time is to chase guinea fowls (luckily they never catch one!), rats, snakes or other interesting living creatures which decide to invade their territory. Her Siberians are great couch-potatoes and always on stand-by as first tasters for eventual snacks during cooking time. As she has a teen daughter and a 4 year old, it is of utmost importance to us that her dogs have superb temperaments like the breed standard states: friendly, outgoing and mischievous.

Breeding: As Siberian Huskies are her hobby not her business, she breeds very selectively and believes in quality not quantity. She is of the opinion with careful selection, a bit of homework on pedigrees and most importantly good mentoring, even a small kennel can contribute meaningfully to this wonderful breed.

Satsanga's mission statement: To breed structurally correct, genetically sound, typey Siberian Huskies with superb temperament, which excel in the conformation ring and can perform their original purpose in harness.