BJISS CH Koobear Tiger Lilly of Satsanga

Eyes checked clear, SAVA Cert. A0002




SUPREME PUPPY BITCH 2004 SHCG , BJISS and winners bitch SHCG Open 2005 under Andrea Erickson USA, Winners bitch at the SHCG Championship Show 2006 (our National Speciality) under Kathleen Kanzler USA, Best Brood bitch at the SHCG open 2008 under Wayne Streak RSA, Best Brood bitch at the SHCG Championship show (National 2008) under Mrs. Nicky Robertson (RSA).


Tiggy went back to her breeder Nicole Hartig, where it is planned that she will be bred by Nicole and spend her retirement. It was truly hard to let you go Tiggy. You will forever have a special place in my heart. Your legacy lives on at Satsanga in all the beautiful babies that have started to make their mark for us locally and overseas.




June 2006



Tigger got her first double pointer CC by going
Winners Bitch at the 
Siberian Husky National Specialty 2006 
under judge and breed icon
Kathleen Kanzler (USA).
What a coveted rosette Tiggy!




Tigger went WB and Best Junior in Specialty at the
Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng Nat. Open Specialty 2005
under Judge Andrea Erickson (USA).

Tigger was awarded Supreme puppy bitch 2004
by the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng.



Show Career :



22nd June 2008: Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng Championship show (National specialty): Tiggy gets BEST BROOD BITCH and 2nd in the Champions Class under judge Nicky Robertson (South Africa).

11th May 2008: Tiggy gets Reserve Best of breed under judge N. Trainor (New Zealand) at the Egoli Northern Breeds, Spitz and Primitive Breeds Qualifying Show at Goldfields, Johannesburg.

26th April 2008: Tiggy gets Reserve Best of breed under judge Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines) at the Eastern Districts KC Championship All Breeds Show at Goldfields, Johannesburg.

19th April 2008: Siberian Husky Open Speciality (National): Best Brood Bitch and 2nd in the Champions class! Tiggy, your kids did very well indeed, you fully deserved that, although of course at least half of the credit needs to go to dad, BIS, BISS CH Kamchatka Icon King!

March 2008: Tiggy's Championship approval from KUSA has eventually come through.

Her first week-end in the Champions Class, she got Reserve Best Of Breed under judge Mr. D Ford (Australia) at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club Championship Show on March 30, 2008, and that still out of coat, way to go Tiggy!

Accolades Tiggy accumulated from the puppy classes:

From the Puppy (6 - 9 + 9 -12 months) classes:
Res. CC bitch : Highway KC Ch Show, 1st May 2004, judge : Maurice Baker (SA) 
Breed Puppy & Gr 4 : Natal Coast KC Ch Show, 2nd May 2004, judges : Mr. L. Morrison (SA) Breed & Mrs. B. Hyde (NZ)  Group 
Res. CC bitch : Port Rex Kennel Club Ch Show, 23rd May 2004 , judge :  Mr. W. Wakfer (SA) 
Res. CC bitch, Breed Puppy & Gr 1 : George Kennel Club Ch Show, 12th June 2004, judge : Mr. Johan Kieser (SA)
Breed Puppy & Gr 2 : Working & Herding Breeds Ass, 19th June 2004, judges : Mr. S. Janeira (Port)  &  Mr. J.R. Walsh (Ire) 
CC Bitch : Northern Natal KC Ch Show, 1st Aug. 2004,  judge: Mr. Alan Ventress (SA)
Res. CC Bitch, Breed Puppy & Gr 2 : Zululand KC Ch Show, 31st July 2004,  Judge: Mrs. L. Brand (Breed & Group)
First time shown in Junior class after a 6 months break:
Winners Bitch and Best Junior in Show : Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng Open Show, 16th April 2005, Andrea Erickson (USA)

CC Bitch, Bloemfontein Kennel Club, 27th August 2005, Judge: Mrs. M. Hartley

CC Bitch, Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng, National specialty, Championship show, Goldfields, 25th June 2006, Judge: Mrs. Kathleen Kanzler (USA).

CC Bitch, Eastern Districts Kennel Club, Benoni, 29th April 2007, Judge: Mr. R. Gregory (England). This makes Tiggy officially a breed Champion.


  Best of the Best Puppy
  SALKA Junior dog of the year
  Pretoria Kennel Club Premium puppy
  Winner of Supreme puppy bitch 2004
  awarded by Siberian Husky Club of




Picture Album


  Tiggy checking our baby cats, Nov. 06.






Tigger on the beach at 7 months           I'll show you how to single track... 


...and here my tracks to prove it !


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